Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Tasty's Delicious Veggie Stew

We made Tasty's (tastyburger) veggie stew last night and it was yummy! Joe gave it a 9/10 and said that if it had chicken in it he would have given it a 10/10. I personally liked it without any meat and can't wait to have the leftovers for lunch today!

The stew turned out to be very flavourful and much needed due to the cold Canadian winter!

Pepper added by Joe - minimal

Tasty's Veggie Stew

1 15 oz can of red kidney beans
1 15 oz can of white kidney beans
1 30 oz can of spiced diced tomatoes
1 8 oz can of Hunts tomato sauce
Half a bag of frozen green peas (tasty's recipe called for green beans but I substituted with peas)
1 can of corn
3 tbsp of steak sauce
1 large onion - chopped (tasty's recipe calls for 3 onions)
3 cups of carrots - chopped
5 celery stocks - chopped
4 potatos - chopped

*** Tasty's recipe called for 1 rutabega but I have never had it before so I omitted it. If you like it I would add it though because Tasty said that it really adds a great flavour to the stew.

Add everything into the crockpot. I cooked mine for 8 hours on low, Tasty did her's for 4 hours on high.

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