Sunday, July 27, 2008

Beer Can Chicken

Mmmm beer. Whole chickens were on sale this week (buy 1 get one free...hello good deal) so I thought why not shove a can of beer up its butt and throw it on the grill.

We don't have any canned beer so I just used a pop can and poured half a bottle of beer into it (and drank the rest....ahh the perks of being the chef in the family). Also if you have a top rack on your BBQ you may have to remove it so the chicken will fit in with the lid closed.

Pepper added by Joey - None...what the what? How is that possible. Miracles do happen.

1 chicken - about 4 lbs (1.5-2 kg)
1 bottle/can of beer *note Canadian beer will make this recipe better
1/8 cup paprika
1/8 cup brown sugar
1 tablespoon black pepper
1 tablespoon salt
Vegetable oil

1. Take all the giblets and other stuff out of the cavity of the chicken
2. Rinse out the inside and the outside of the chicken
3. Pat dry with paper towel and then rub with oil
4. Turn on your BBQ to medium/high (only one burner/side)
5. Mix paprika, brown sugar, pepper and salt in a bowl. Rub all over the chicken - inside and out
6. Crack open a beer (gah cooking is hard), add half of it to a can (or if you already have a can, chug half of it)
7. At your BBQ slide the can of beer up the chickens butt (it will hurt you more than it will hurt him)
8. Place the chicken on the grill (opposite side to the burner that is on) and pull his legs out so it makes a tripod
9. Cook for about an hour and 15 minutes (or until the breast is 165F) over medium high heat
*** if you notice the skin starting to burn throw some tinfoil over it
10. Remove from the BBQ and allow to sit for 5 minutes before cutting


michelle said...

so, when are you sending me my beer??

Jen said...

What do you want to trade me for it?

Maryanna said...

DH makes that, and it's the most tender chicken ever. Love the coke zero!

Katie said...

I'm so going to have to try this!

Devon said...

I *wish* I could try this...but we're not allowed to have a BBQ at our condo. :(

Jen said...

You could try it in your oven too!