Sunday, September 28, 2008


What started out as the beginnings of a fantastic dinner ended up being a big time fail. Big big big fail. The first problem was not having anything to pipe the stuffing into the porkloin. The second problem was that I did not have any twine or string to tie the meat up with (so I used floss...seriously). The third and final problem was that I was working out while it was on the BBQ. When I went to check on it, it was on fire. Please see Exhibit A.

Inside this charred mess is a moist piece of pork, but to get to it you have to take a hacksaw to it. Not really but it was hard to cut through the outside of the roast. Joe at some and said that it was good. As long as you cut the outside off and made sure that there wasn't any floss in the bite you were about to eat. Geez that will be my last time trying to do him any favours. Doesn't he know that he is supposed to floss daily??

I will make this recipe again but I would obviously do a few things differently. I will wait to post the recipe because I want to work on it and actually be able to taste it before saying if it was good or bad.

Oh and I 100% blame this on Dance Dance Revolution.

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jennrs said...

Love this post. Makes me feel okay about my kitchen disasters (which happen quite often).